Outreach - Baptism Blankets

Baptism Blankets

Baptism blankets are knit or croched and presented to the family at the time of a babies baptism.  

Your help is needed to keep Pastor supplied!

→ White yarn is preferred but any color is fine
→ Size varies with patterns. 
Examples {16" x 36"} {20" x 45”} {25" x 30"}
→ Knit or crochet
→ Pattern of your choice
→ Square or rectangle

Thanks to a Thrivant matching gift donation, there is a supply of yarn available. It is location in the file cabinet in the Choir area at Zion.  After your blanket is completed, fill out a donation card (also found in the file cabinet) or print a copy here.  Give the card and your blanket to Pastor and he will distribute them at the baptisms.


Baptism Blanket Pattern (crochet)      Baptism Blanket Pattern(knit)