Guest Information

Guest Information

Thank you for joining us! Here are a few things to know, so that you aren't left guessing. Our order of service is printed in our bulletin, which is available in the entrance area from our ushers. The service numbers (pg 77-96) are in the front of the green hymnal. The green hymnal numbers go up to page 600 and the smaller blue hymnal "With One Voice" continues with numbers over 600. Confused yet? If you get lost, ask us! We are more than happy to help. 

We take communion on the first and fourth Sundays of each month. All baptized Christians who have previously received communion anywhere are welcome at the communion table. It is taught among us that Jesus is truly present "In, with and under the bread and the wine." (Martin Luther)

At Zion we practice continuous communion, meaning the members and guests are ushered forward and receive communion as they reach the front area - first the bread, then the wine. Participants consume the elements when they are received. They then continue to walk, circling back to their seats. Thus communion continues with out break in a "continuous" manner.  At Peace the ushers direct you to the altar and we kneel (if able).

We do take up a collection as part of our service. This is how our membership maintains their ministries. As a guest, you're contribution is not expected.

At the end of our service, the congregation is seated, and the ushers will escort people out.  Small children are welcome throughout our service, but if, for your comfort, you need to step out of the service, the service is audible in both the Narthex and the basement at Zion.